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Daily Create: Unit 4

For my first daily create for this unit i chose the ‘Happy Pace‘ create, to share where your happy place is! I decided that my happy place was on holiday with my boyfriend, i would love to say that we … Continue reading

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Creepy sounds…

So for an audio assignment we had to create a sound only using sound effect we found online at freesounds. After we picked our sounds and genre we had to put the pieces together to create a bit of a … Continue reading

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Daily Create: Unit 3

For my third daily create unit, I chose to do ‘The 8th Day‘, For my extra day of the week i decided to call is simply ‘Anuvva Day’ simply because then you’d have another day in the week to spend … Continue reading

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Five card story

So there’s this new, well new to me, thing on Flickr called the Five Card Flickr Story. Basically you chose 5 pictures and then you have to try and create a story out of these pictures, if you’re quite creative … Continue reading

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A ‘simple’ story

So recently I watched Kurt Vonnegut’s video on the Shapes of Stories, incase you haven’t seen this video you can watch it here. Kurt goes on to explain the ups and downs on stories, i will admit, at first it’s … Continue reading

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Daily Create: Unit 2

  Daily create #1: To start off my daily creates for this unit, I chose this first daily create called ‘Your mood today‘, I have to put some pictures together to describe how I’m feeling. SO! I’m tired, I’m ill, … Continue reading

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What is social media?

Social media Faceboook? Twitter? Instagram? Snapchat? Youtube? There is a lot of social media services, so, what is social media? Social media is a service we use everyday, and i can honestly say that almost everybody uses social media, even … Continue reading

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