What is social media?

Social media
There is a lot of social media services, so, what is social media?

Social media is a service we use everyday, and i can honestly say that almost everybody uses social media, even emails is social for those working people who think they don’t touch it.

Social media is multiple online communications channels, it works by networking between different people and different groups, it’s all about interaction, content sharing and collaboration. People who want to share and publish work on the internet for people to see they have to produce the work, whether it’s a blog on word-press, a status on twitter or a video on YouTube, it all becomes part of social media once it gets online.


About alicemutch

Hello! So what to say about myself? I'm a 19 year old 'city girl' and by city i don't mean I live in London or New York, as much as i would love that, I just live in a English City, but compared to the countryside, I am a city girl.
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One Response to What is social media?

  1. headreaper says:

    Nice post, it really is hard to get away from social media, its everywhere! XD


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