Daily Create: Unit 3

For my third daily create unit, I chose to do ‘The 8th Day‘,

For my extra day of the week i decided to call is simply ‘Anuvva Day’ simply because then you’d have another day in the week to spend to do whatever your heart desired.


To write a tongetwister was another was another daily create i did. To say the least, i am very very bad at tongetwisters, but have a go!

‘how many bears could Bear Grylls grill if Bear Grylls could grill bear…’


And FINALLY my third daily create would of this unit goes by ‘Lucky, Lucky, Lucky.’
So if you could have your dreams come true and have your luckiest day on Earth, then what would it be?

I have so many things i would love to put here, like good health for all my family and friends! But, honestly, if i would dream of a realistic lucky lucky day, just winning the millions in the lottery would do me, pretty simple really….


About alicemutch

Hello! So what to say about myself? I'm a 19 year old 'city girl' and by city i don't mean I live in London or New York, as much as i would love that, I just live in a English City, but compared to the countryside, I am a city girl.
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