Back in a Giffy…

This is my final blog post for the ds106 assignments but I’m sure I’ll be back!

For my final assignment I have to end on a light note, and what’s better than a funny gif of a dog?!

Animals doing funny things is the assignment i chose because who doesn’t love watching animals barking at window wipers and trying to carry a big stick through a small door?! I love dogs, I’m definitely more of a dog person that a cat person, sorry cat people… I’ve never been able to have a pet of my own, however my nana and granddad had a little westie called Tessa, she was honestly like my best friend, so i’ve bonded a lot more with dogs.

I think Giff’s are quite a good use of media, they’re so simple as they’re just 3-5 seconds of a clip but you get the gist of of the whole video throughout than small giff. They’ve become a lot more common throughout the use of social media and also being used for ‘Memes‘.
Also, this dog is carrying out my ultimate dream, running through a big pile of leaves! Who wouldn’t want to do that?!



Dog running through leaves Giff

I’ve done a similar assignment to this one before called ‘Grease is the Word‘ based on my favourite movie; Grease.

I made this video by watching a lot, and i mean a lot, of funny dog video’s, these are all over Youtube and Facebook. Then the hardest part was to chose just one video, this was a lot harder than you’d thinks, there was a lot more video’s to chose from than i would like to admit.
So after watching way too many video’s of dogs, I finally cut down to one video I wanted to chose, however, unfortunately it was a montage of 10 videos…

If you fast forward to 2:31 that was my final chose, a little shitzu running through some leaves. The run up was another little shitzu swinging on a chair looking like the happiest most relaxed dog ever, at 56 seconds.

Now i could load it into a converter, I have to admit now that I’m not an expert with video’s and pictures and can’t make a  gif from scratch, however, if you would like to do so ‘GIZMODO‘ shows you how. Although I did use make a gif, so i uploaded my chosen video and selected the start time and duration of the video, because this is a gif i decided the video had to be very short and no longer than 4/5 seconds. I chose the duration of my gif to be 3 seconds, so no unneeded content was in it.
Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 14.51.56

And done! All that was left to do was download it and it was ready to go, a good cheer me up for a rainy day.

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