Design my tattoo


Camera tattoo (Source: free-extras)

For this assignment, now onto the design assignments, I chose the ‘Tattoos 4 life‘, this assignment gets you to design a tattoo you would like and to put it against all different to create a tattoo that has different emotions and meanings behind it.

So I’ve said before in my ‘Do before I die’ blog post that i really wanted a tattoo, after much thought and consideration I think I’ve decided what tattoo I want… I want a picture of a camera! I have chosen a camera because I’ve always been interested in photography, photography was the main thing me and my dad would do together as he had a photography business doing weddings and nature, so it’s very personal to me.
I only want a small one where it’s not really on show, I like the idea of a hidden tattoo, this is because I’m quite a traditional person and like the idea of people only being able to see them once they know you, like a hidden gem. I also believe that one day I’ll have a good professional career, therefore not really wanting a sleeve full of tattoo’s of skulls and roses down my arm.

If anyone has any idea’s of where I can get it pleeeaaaassseee share?! I decided this assignment suited me because I believe if you do get a tattoo that it should be unique to you, it is for life after all. To make a tattoo unique there are a number of things you could do, instead of just taking a picture of the internet and asking a tattoo artist to draw it on you, how about you add little things to it, can be pictures of hearts, leaves or some Roman Numerals for some dates that are important to you.

Once I had chosen a camera tattoo, I had to find lots of camera tattoo’s to chose which one i liked. I then created a montage, using Fotor so i could see them all side-by-side to decide which one i liked best.
I liked all of these photo’s because there all modern camera’s but still with a slightly old touch and they all have something original about them.
As seen earlier, I chose the first tattoo, the black and white one.

camera montage

So after I had chosen my tattoo, which i just found on the internet, I put it in photoshop added a back ground colour, blue, pink, red, green and orange. Once in photoshop i just simply changed the layer theme so that some of the colour would show through.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 15.45.33 Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 15.45.42

After editing the camera into a variety of colours I created a collage using ‘befunky‘. This is such a simple and easy website to create collages on, I’ve used it before, and I’m very happy to use it again!
I decided that each colour represents a different mood, camera collage

Blue: Dark and mysterious

Pink: Lovely and happy

Green: Nature and peace

Red: Danger and warning

Orange: sunsets and vibrant

Some other types of tattoos that look similar to this are called water coloured tattoo’s, these create quite a unique tattoo which can be personalised to you a lot more than black and white. This is because you can chose the colours and intertwine throughout your tattoo which represent you.

5efc3a3ff86a6e36d60041c70c0a2824 c39b9b1f549ba2fc8a78a435128c2997  enhanced-15376-1398034987-1

To bring the water-coloured tattoo’s and the camera tattoo’s together i found a nice effect of a camera tattoo that had watercolours going over and through the camera. I think this makes a really nice effect because it brings the camera to life. Being a photographer i also know how it feels when you pick up your camera and take pictures of something beautiful, and i believe this tattoo just represents that as it shows how messy yet perfect taking photo’s can be.



Camera tattoo

Camera tattoo 2

Camera tattoo 3 

Camera tattoo 4 

Camera tattoo 5 

Camera tattoo 6 

Elephant water coloured tattoo 

Paper bird water coloured tattoo

Bird water coloured tattoo

Water coloured camera tattoo

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Where life has taken me…

So if you didn’t know, I love travelling… so for my final Visual assignment I chose to do a ‘Story Map‘. This assignment gets you to create a travel map, of either places where you have been or an adventure you would like to go on!
For this assignment I chose to include all the places where I have been on holiday. I might even do one all over again planning out all the places i do want to go,I feel like that one might take me a while though…

Some of the place’s I have been are truly amazing! However, I am yet to visit America! I need to go ASAP!!! Anyway, Here’s my Story Map!


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Another Worlds

For another Visual Assignment, I decided to do the ‘Colour Change‘ assignment. This consists of taking a picture, or using a picture that you had already taken and then changing the Hue of it, which i did in Photoshop.

So here’s a holiday photo i took in Greece, the first one is a the real deal! Just a nice relaxing beach, oh take me back!


However! For the second picture, after messing around with the Hue, I decided that this picture was pretty perfect. I decided that when you’re on holiday and the sun in read hot it seems to also make the floor RED HOT! So I thought this was a perfect example of how the floor really felt when you’re on holiday!


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The do before I die

“So… Everyone should have a bucket list. What’s on yours? For this assignment you should create a collage with AT LEAST four pictures of four different things you have on your bucket list. Add text to your picture of what or where it is. Then briefly tell us why it is on your bucket list.” 

For my first visual assignment I’m creating a collage of my bucket list. I chose to do this assignment because this is personal to me, as well as being able to express my thoughts and ambitions it gives people a chance to be able to get me as well. Also I hope it can give others a desire to plan a few little things for their own bucket list.

I’ve always been one to want to plan my life out, however, not much really goes to plan… Ever since i can remember I’ve always made a bucket list! I’ve always had a million and one things i want to be before I die, I can sit here for hours and bore you telling them all. Personally, I am attracted to a bucket list, mainly because I’m obsessed with making lists, like to-do lists, shopping lists, just lists… But I’ve always liked having somethings visual to tick off, when i visit a Country that’s on my bucket list i can tick it off and it’s just such a good feeling, and it keeps you motivated to keep going through the bad times to get to the good times.
If you haven’t created a bucket list before you can create one on ‘my-bucketlist‘, trust me it’s so fun and so simple to do!

Anyway! So I made a collage of just a few things on my bucket list…


First things first, I want to marry the love of my life! I’ve always had this idea ever since i was little as well that I’m going to get married on a beach somewhere exotic, just can’t trust England’s weather!!
I want to travel the world, more than anything I’d love to do it in one, just to pack up my bags and go! Go to the airport and get on the first place out of there!
Now getting a tattoo, I’m terrible when it comes to pain, I’d rather run a marathon than give myself pain, however, it’s just one of those weird things i feel like i need to do.
Finally, the Northern Lights are somethings I’ve always wanted to experience, I’m a very outdoorsy person and that’s honestly my dream to see!

Another way to explore things to do, or to see what you want to put on your bucket list, is to watch video’s. I’ve recently become obsessed with Go Pro video’s of people traveling and exploring the world, it really motivates me to stick to my bucket list!

Seems as I’m obsessed with holidays and travelling, what are your favourite holiday types?


If you want to create a college like this, you never know you could print it off and use it for motivation for work or university!

So firstly i thought of all the things I that i wanted on my bucket list, for example:

After you’ve chosen how many you want and which ones then just simply google it and find a picture to represent that activity! (TIP: If you type ‘Tumblr’ after you usually get some really nice pictures).


MO I RANA: Bildet er tatt søndag kveld, på grensen mot Sverige. Foto: Bjørn Leirvik








Once you have all your pictures you need to write on top of them, for this i just simply used word and used the text on there as i know how to use it, you could you photoshop if you like if you feel more confident to use it. I then saved all my pictures with the writing on top.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 20.22.51

I then imported them all on this website called ‘BeFunky‘ which lets you create a college of pictures which all different templates and effects, just get creative! I really enjoyed using this website and I might just have to use it for other photographs of my family and friends.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 20.25.26 Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 20.27.11












So I hope you enjoyed yourself and can now have a lovely colourful Bucket Lift to look forward to!
I would love to hear about your bucket lists, I’m always up for a bit of inspiration! 🙂


Marry my love

Travel the world 

Get a tattoo 

See the Northern lights 

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Daily Create: Unit 4

For my first daily create for this unit i chose the ‘Happy Pace‘ create, to share where your happy place is!

I decided that my happy place was on holiday with my boyfriend, i would love to say that we were relaxing on the beach all day, but we were actually about to go parasailing…

For daily create number 2 I chose to create a missing poster!

Here’s mine, obviously…Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 15.27.06

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Creepy sounds…

So for an audio assignment we had to create a sound only using sound effect we found online at freesounds. After we picked our sounds and genre we had to put the pieces together to create a bit of a story, here’s my go! Enjoy! 🙂


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Daily Create: Unit 3

For my third daily create unit, I chose to do ‘The 8th Day‘,

For my extra day of the week i decided to call is simply ‘Anuvva Day’ simply because then you’d have another day in the week to spend to do whatever your heart desired.


To write a tongetwister was another was another daily create i did. To say the least, i am very very bad at tongetwisters, but have a go!

‘how many bears could Bear Grylls grill if Bear Grylls could grill bear…’


And FINALLY my third daily create would of this unit goes by ‘Lucky, Lucky, Lucky.’
So if you could have your dreams come true and have your luckiest day on Earth, then what would it be?

I have so many things i would love to put here, like good health for all my family and friends! But, honestly, if i would dream of a realistic lucky lucky day, just winning the millions in the lottery would do me, pretty simple really….

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